Dr. Tamara Pentek graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. She practiced for 2 years in Wisconsin, a general practice and then moved on to an emergency clinic, where she was the sole doctor on shift nights and weekends.

After marrying in 1993, Dr. Pentek and her husband moved to the Altamonte Springs area. After working as an associate, and relief veterinarian for a number of years, in 2006 she bought Markham Woods Animal Hospital.

Recently, in a step toward transition into retirement, Dr. Pentek sold the practice to Billy Hess, Dr. Dana Hunley, and Dr. Marianne Janosco.  Although Dr. Pentek is no longer the owner, she still remains at Markham Woods Animal Hospital as a veterinarian and is a vital part of our team!

Dr. Pentek has a passion for greyhounds, having rescued greys in her home, and is the veterinarian for Greyhound Pets of America, Greater Orlando. Thunderbolt and Lightning are now 11 and share their home with Blizzard our cat.

In her spare time, Dr. Pentek enjoys reading, gardening, and playing golf with her husband and 17-year-old son.