Welcome to Sanlando Springs, Florida, an area known for its historic natural springs and lush landscapes. Nestled near Longwood, this community offers a serene escape with rich history dating back to the 1800s, where it served as a healing retreat with its mineral-rich waters. Today, Sanlando Springs continues to be a tranquil haven, making it a fantastic place for pets and their owners to explore and relax.

Pet-Friendly Activities in Sanlando Springs:

Sanlando Springs

The historical Sanlando Springs area, though more restricted in access today, continues to be a centerpiece in the community. Nearby parks and trails where pets are welcome on-leash provide a great setting for outdoor adventures.
Location: Near West Wekiva Trail, Sanlando Springs, FL

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Just a short drive from Sanlando Springs, Wekiwa Springs offers beautiful natural landscapes where pets can join on leashes. It’s perfect for those looking to hike and enjoy Florida’s unique spring ecosystems.

Location: 1800 Wekiwa Cir, Apopka, FL 32712

Phone: 407-553-4383

Pet-Friendly Restaurants:

While specific pet-friendly eateries in Sanlando Springs weren't highlighted, the nearby area includes several restaurants with outdoor dining options where pets can join their owners. Checking out spots with patio dining in neighboring cities like Altamonte Springs may provide additional choices.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations:

Altamonte Springs Airbnbs

Various Airbnb options in nearby Altamonte Springs offer pet-friendly accommodations, ensuring a comfy stay for you and your furry friends.

Location: Altamonte Springs, FL

Browse: Airbnb

Sanlando Springs, with its historical charm and natural beauty, offers pet owners the perfect blend of past and present. Its close proximity to pet-friendly parks and the storied springs themselves provide a beautiful backdrop for making lasting memories with your pets! Whether you're a resident or just visiting, you'll find that the pet-friendly amenities of this area truly make it a special place to explore​.