Today, we're going to demonstrate how to conduct a physical exam on a dog. Puppies can be somewhat challenging, so we might perform the exam quickly.

Dr. Marianne Janosco
Markham Woods Animal Hospital

We use a small licky mat coated with peanut butter to distract our patient during the exam. Let's begin. First, I'll use an otoscope to examine his ears. With his head tilted down, I can clearly see his tympanic membrane, or eardrum, and everything appears normal. Next, I'll use an ophthalmoscope to check his eyes, which might be tricky as he enjoys the peanut butter. Following that, I usually inspect the mouth, but I'll leave that till the end since he's cooperating well. We'll now switch positions for the next part of the exam.

I'll palpate around his abdomen to check for any abnormalities. Then, I'll examine each paw to ensure his nails and paw pads are in good condition. Everything looks good so far. I'll also check underneath to ensure everything is normal there.

Now, I'll use my stethoscope to listen to his heart and lungs on each side. In some dogs, we assess their hind legs' range of motion to detect any early issues. Blitzen has a good range of motion. Finally, we'll try to take a quick look inside his mouth to inspect his teeth. Let's give him his peanut butter back. That concludes our physical exam on a puppy.

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