Dog spay and Neuter at Markham Woods Animal Hospital

At Markham Woods Animal Hospital, Our refined pre-surgical, surgical, and post-op care will provide your dog with the safest and most comfortable surgical procedure.We blend compassion with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional surgical care for your beloved canine and feline companions. Our dedicated team is wholly committed to safeguarding the health and happiness of your pets through state-of-the-art surgical procedures.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of surgical services, which include:

  • External Eye Surgery
  • Soft Tissue/General Surgery
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Emergency Surgery (e.g., laceration repair, wound repair, foreign object removal, 
  • Dental Surgery

In addition, we provide **cryosurgery**, an innovative technique utilizing liquid nitrogen to freeze abnormal tissue, making it ideal for conditions such as warts, cysts, tumors, and oral cancers. This minimally invasive method requires no general anesthesia and is often performable during a routine office visit.

Our advanced surgical facilities feature:

  • A fully equipped surgical suite capable of accommodating a wide array of soft tissue procedures.
  • A highly skilled veterinary and technical nursing team to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency for your cherished pets.
  • Monitoring equipment, encompassing ECG and oxygen saturation monitors, to closely oversee your pet's vital signs.
  • Stringent sterilization protocols to guarantee complete asepsis.
  • Comprehensive pre-anesthetic blood testing and intensive post-surgery care to ensure your pet's safety.

Before any surgery, we conduct a thorough assessment of all patients, customizing anesthetic protocols to their specific requirements. Pre-surgical blood analysis enables us to evaluate their kidney, liver, and heart functions before anesthesia administration.

Throughout the surgical process, we implement meticulous patient monitoring, akin to the standards upheld in human healthcare facilities. We employ advanced equipment and manual techniques to monitor vital signs, which include pulse oximetry, respiratory monitoring, EKG, temperature surveillance, and oxygen therapy.

After the surgery:

Your pet will receive attentive care from our nursing staff until they regain consciousness, ensuring their comfort and well-being. You will be regularly updated on your pet's condition, and our team will provide you with clear postoperative care instructions when you come to pick up your furry friend. We also follow up with you after a few days to assess your pet's progress and address any additional queries.

We prioritize pain management to enhance your pet's comfort during and after the procedure. Our multi-modal approach to pain management involves the administration of various medications in judicious amounts to minimize discomfort and mitigate side effects. This approach guarantees that your pet experiences minimal pain, a smoother recovery, and an overall safer pain management process.

We are steadfast in our commitment to merging compassion and cutting-edge technology to provide the utmost care for your treasured pets. Your pet's well-being is our paramount concern, and we are unwavering in our dedication to supporting them on their path to improved health.

If you have questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (407) 682-3233